Welcome to my image galleries and thank you for visiting. You will find a wide variety and thousands of photographs that I have created throughout the years from about 80 different countries, through my work with my clients all over the world and the United Nations World Tourism Organization. I hope you enjoy them!

A little something about me: I have been a professional photographer since 2008.

There are three passions in life that keep me busy -- my love for animals, traveling, and photography. My most recent endeavor involves taking people to Africa on safari trips, where I teach photography and share my passion and love for animals with my guests and friends.

I am a very proud Dad to a beautiful Frenchie named Roxie and a cute Boston Terrier named Romi. My two dogs make me very very happy.

Christian Del Rosario

My Mantra: Unpretentious Photography. Just some feel good photos that make people feel real.

Los Angeles, California USA

West Palm Beach, Florida USA